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One mark of a good design is that it leaves a good first impression. That is why VANGREI Co. design squad was born. We create unique handmade home decor. We are thinkers designers and doers.  

What is Vangrei? I’m never quite sure how to best answer that question as Vangrei doesn’t fit into any one category or genre. Somebody might classify it as a design company or studio, or a brand which makes handcrafted stuff and products based around concrete and natural materials or just simple, minimal and geometric home decor. While Vangrei could fit into any one of these, it doesn’t really fit into just one category. Vangrei is not just another pop-up brand. It’s its own thing hoping to inspire many others. Vangrei is like well- trained military unit.

If you’ve guys been following our studio for any length of time, you know that it’s more than just handmade goods. The raw products themselves aren’t necessarily unique (well, we didn’t reinvent the cement, water and sand), but each material is a foundation for what Vangrei as a whole represents – a certain shared mindset about minimalist design and simplicity. It’s the story you get to tell when you get your very own handmade planter, lamp or any of our accessory. By buying one of our design you will become ONE OF US. We want to hear back from you, how do you enjoy your time with your family while burning a candle in our candle holder. We want to see photos of you and your girlfriend having fun while planting succulents to decorate your working desk using one of our geometric planter. It’s the little details that make Vangrei designs special and separate them from the mass production.

There are plenty of big and mid-size companies throwing dozens of products every month, combining everything with anything, trying to follow the trends of what’s hip this season. Profit is important. No question about. But for us it’s more important to stay true to the ideas behind the Vangrei as we still continue to develop and refine our brand: We want the designs to prove the test of time and serve its purpose – to create new heroes out of people and encourage them to be designers of own spaces.

So what is Vangrei? Our product line will continue to evolve and progress as time goes on. We have so many ideas that we can’t wait to bring to life. I am sure there are more people out there who have even crazier ideas /related to design of course:D/ than us. Why not to share them with us?  Join us and become the part of Vagrei story.



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