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     Hello and welcome to Vangrei, your premier concrete furnishing design studio. By visiting us today, you have shown a need for hand crafted, minimalist furnishings that show your sense of style. Our designs are created using concrete, steel and solid wood to ensure long life, contemporary styling and combine the elements of natural beauty and industrial function.
Grei army
     Our name has a rich history behind it; we chose it because it truly stands for what we do and who we are.
The word “van” means to be in the forefront of a movement.
The “grei” shows off a passion for all tints of neutral grey or achromatic colors.
We are a group of young, talented designers with the courage to show the world what we have in our hearts and in our minds. Our passion is interior and exterior industrial design furniture that will set your space apart from the crowd. We work hard and pour our souls into every piece we create, bringing you something truly unique and beautiful.
Rebellion against the mainstream
     Headquartered in Germany, Vangrei was founded under the notion that today’s furniture industry was becoming stale and it needed an infusion of fresh style and design that would enable the furnishings to move to the forefront of every room’s particular interior design. Our innovative designs are created from a passion for the simplicity of modern, minimalistic styles. Our creations provoke thought and challenge the owner to create their own space both inside and out of their home.
We leave no man behind
     Vangrei will help you liven up your grayscale and will make you stand out from the rest of the crowd. We can do this because we add our own special touch to our wares whatever they happen to be.
Our modern styles are handcrafted by one of the most talented team in the industry. Their innovative nature comes through in every piece they painstakingly create. Pioneers in their field, our artisan workers won’t stop until they have created something that will make a bold statement and instill that in everyone who sees the final product.