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SKEW CROSS - Desk lamp
SKEW CROSS - Desk lamp

SKEW CROSS - Desk lamp


Skew is an minimalist wood lamp in shape of cross which is the part of our Vangrei logo too. Each lamp is made from very old re-milled solid wood beams. This lamp is great combo of natural wood and silver metal socket ring cover.

Because wooden beams were lightly warped due to its long exposure to moisture and weather conditions over the years, we decided to keep that light skew in every piece rather than straighten it totally. The skew of each cross arm is almost invisible but when turning the lamp around, geometry might fool you.

Turn a simple office desk into an extraordinary space with this statement piece. 

  • Material: Solid European beech
  • Wood Color: Natural / White base
  • Lamp base: White low VOC paint with felt
  • Wood finish: Natural oil
  • Dimensions: L x W x H: 18,5 x 18,5 x 6,5 cm
  • Electric wire: Transparent PVC cord 

Each piece will vary in grain and indications of the wood’s prior use. Some pieces can have small void and cracks filled with epoxy resin. These irregularities add to the raw and minimalist finish of these objects. 

*All products are unique and handmade, so irregularities are natural.
*Due to various monitor settings, color may vary slightly from those shown on your screen.